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Online Complaint Handling Training

Nina Harding is the creator of Frontline Complaints. She has been teaching complaint handling skills for over a decade to some of Australia's largest companies. During this time several organisations asked for flexible, low cost, high quality training modules for call centre staff. Frontline Complaints was created to address this need.

Frontline Complaints has been made possible due to the support of the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria), The Financial Ombudsman Service and the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman (NZ). We gratefully acknowledge their ongoing commitment to promoting complaint handling excellence.


Our Expertise

Nina Harding is the host of the frontline classes. She is a dispute resolution expert having worked in this field in Australia and internationally since 1990. She is a law graduate, a Harvard Law School trained mediator and holds a Master of Laws.

Nina specialises in resolving business or commercial disputes. She has mediated numerous complex business workplace disputes and large public or community disputes. Nina has taught mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation and complaint handling in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Her clients have included state, local and federal government, KPMG Peat Marwick, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, US Aid, Hong Kong University, The Law Institute of Victoria, the ATO, to name just a few.  Nina has taught complaint handling to various organisations including CommSec, ABN AMRO, Westpac, NAB and members of The Financial Industry Complaints Service, The Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW and The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria and as a postgraduate program through La Trobe University and Queensland University.

Nina is joined on classes by recognised experts such as Allan Parker, Sue Fraser, Helen Mueller and others. Our thanks to these very highly experienced individuals who have willingly given their time and effort to share their knowledge with our viewers.

We also wish to thank the many volunteers who have appeared in the classes. Guest experts who currently feature on our online classes include,

Our Guests

Allan Parker, PEAK PERFORMANCE - International expert in negotiation and communication
Sue Fraser, KILDONAN UNITING CARE - Expert in financial hardship issues
Helen Mueller, formerly of THE NSW OMBUDSMAN'S OFFICE - Expert in challenging customer behaviour
Jill Blyth, WORKLIFE AND WELLBEING - Psychotherapist and expert in workplace stress
Prof. Tania Sourdin, THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, Mediator and Professor of Conflict Resolution
Colin Neave, formerly of FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE, Chief Ombudsman








"...extremely easy to watch and most helpful. We will be getting the whole Customer Service Team involved and strongly recommending it be taken up by teams outside Customer Service."

Greg Brown
Customer and Information Services Western Water.