On-line classes

We are currently offering the following classes (or modules):

1. Complaint Handling Fundamentals

The fundamentals clear and simple.  Including, what customers expect when they make a complaint,
why people complain.  Telephone skills and how to quickly identify what the customer wants.

2. Dealing with Challenging Customer Behaviour

Why do some customers behave badly? Focusing on challenging behaviour we look at strategies
for being effective. Nina talks to Helen Mueller from the NSW Ombudsman's Office about their
recent research and how to manage challenging behaviour.

3. Financial Hardship

Financial hardship is a topic of increasing relevance.  Learn how to recognise if a customer
is in financial hardship.  What to do and what to avoid when assisting the customer. 
Nina talks with Sue Fraser from Kildonan Uniting Care about Financial Hardship
and awareness.

4. Building Rapport with Customers

Easy to understand and use, these simple tips will enable you to build
rapport with customers quickly and easily.  If you have rapport with a customer
 they will believe you understand their problem, they will talk about their real concerns
and they might be more prepared to listen to you and remain positive. 
Nina talks with international expert Allan Parker about how to build rapport.

5. Saying No Nicely

When you have to deliver bad news to a customer it can be a difficult and confronting conversation.  Our Saying No Nicely module gives some tips for making this as positive and as painless as possible while retaining the customer

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6. Stress Management

Complaint handling can be stressful. Recognise, understand and manage stress. The explanations and tips in this module are relevant to all levels of complaints handling and across all industries. Understand how being perceptive and proactive about your stress level is also good for the company. Pick up helpful tips from Jill Blyth, Psychotherapist and workplace stress expert.

7. The Role of an Ombudsman Service

Understand and resolve complaints more efficiently with Ombudsman Services. Gain a better understanding of the process and obligations of escalation to an Ombudsman service and possible outcomes through discussions with telecommunications industry Ombudsman Simon Cohen (TIO), Colin Neave who is Chief Ombudsman with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and Karen Stevens who is the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman (ISO) in New Zealand.

8. High Conflict Behaviour

Why are some customers more difficult to manage? An insight into emotions and what is happening within the brains of customers when they engage in High Conflict behaviour. High Conflict consequences and management tips with conflict resolution expert Professor Tania Sourdin of the University of Queensland.